Cambodia IATSS Alumni has been going far from its inception, from the charity events to project-based with various activities and from the alumni to the registered association. The members have been jointly discussed on how we could shape the future of Cambodia IATSS Alumni. CIAA has came up the latest organizational chart as below. Here below is what CIAA is expected to do in the early year, and from which CIAA is going to discuss further on how CIAA could be focusing in term of strategy to achieve its designed mission and vision and keep follow up the activities


Annual Meeting ( Jan) & Quarterly Meeting ( Apr, Jul & Oct) to discuss about the plan of CIAA and the strategy to achieve the plan

Two Public Seminars ( May and Dec) to promote the IATSS forum application with the first set theme : communication & networking and promotion

Money Minded program (Jun): to be hosted for pilot test once in the first year. The program will enhance the participants to have the financial knowledge on how they could well manage their personal, household and business finance including credit and saving. The trainers are expected to be resourced from CIAA’s members whom to be trained for 5 days training and certificated by ANZ Bank. From the second years with the more resources, CIAA could contribute to lift up the level of financial education of the people in the community, hence to grow their saving and avoid their over-indebtedness.

Community project: CIAA has named the program the Cooling Cambodia developed from the Project Cooling Cambodia, brought to Cambodia by Theary San and Theany San of IATSS batch 48th. The program is developed with the basis on environmental theme under the topic saving energy and further expanded to the environment of the school  and health issue of the students. The program is scheduled for once a year in 2017; however it aims at the continuous program for many years to come.

Visit Japan Ambassador: With the presence of the new Japanese ambassador in Cambodia since last year, CIAA seeks to pay the courtesy visit to the ambassador, to build good relationship and connection with Japan as well as promote the IATSS forum ASEAN leadership program in Cambodia.

Do more to Cambodia Society: aiming at doing more, CIAA is starting its venture to be social enterprise. It has not been a new thing, though as CIAA has participated in Sun Fair, where CIAA sold the new and used products and the revenue fund is for CIAA’s social activities. CIAA further begins from this year for the training and seminar conducted to young professional, piloting with not specific theme or focus, but later will do more focus on related leadership type linking to the IATSS forum program. CIAA is planning for the conduct of the training or seminar for the three to four times and the fund revenues will be served as the fund for CIAA’s activities.