The seminars are held at least three times per year at CJCC, Phnom Penh. The seminars are also presided over by several representatives from IATSS Forum and representatives from CJCC as well as former graduated students of IATSS Leadership Program. The purpose of these events is to disseminate benefits of IATSS Leadership Program, experiences and advantages. Alumni share their knowledge and great experiences gained from the forum as well as their self-development and successful career path upon their return from Japan. Moreover, guest speakers have provides recommendation and encouragement to all participants as well as Cambodian youths to work hard and grab opportunities they may have in order to develop themselves to be key intellectuals for society and contribute to development of the country through various themes. Check out our upcoming seminars here.


1.PR Seminar on The Power of Networking

The seminar aims to provide broader understanding of importance of Networking, and how to build a strong mutual networking. 

Our keynote speakers are CIAA alumni members who has many years of work experiences and networking skills.

  1. PR Seminar on Effective Leadership for Employee

 The seminar aims to build people confidence in their own leadership,  self leadership and teamwork. 

The seminar was organized on 06 December 2017, at CJCC.

rking skills.


3.Leadership Seminar under the theme “Reach More Pay Less in Digital Marketing     Edge

Leadership Seminar “Reach More Pay Less in Digital Marketing Edge” was organized on 21st  May 2016 at Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Centre. 

The seminar not only aims at empowering CIAA’s members to be actively involved in the association’s activities and sharing their valuable experiences/knowledge in the area of their specialization, but also building awareness of IATSS Forum, likewise to encourage more applicants for the next forums. 

Our sponsors and supporters: Gold Sponsor: CJCC, IATSS Forum, Build City Investment Co., Ltd, Silver Sponsor: GBG Phnom Penh, Giant Ibiz Transport, Sambat Finance and American Pacific International School.  


4.Leadership Seminar under the theme “Cultural Intelligence”

  •                This leadership seminar was organized on 30th November 2016 at Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Centre. The seminar aims at delivering Cultural Intelligence (CQ), which refers to individual’s abilities and skills to effectively manage interactions in cross-cultural situations. CQ comprises of four dimensions Metacognitive, Cognitive, Motivational and Behavioral. The seminar created an opportunity to all professionals to improve their communications skills, and help them for the upcoming application for IATSS Forum in 2017. So far, ten of these kinds of leadership seminar series have been successfully conducted. The tenth seminar “Cultural Intelligence” mainly targeted audiences from a wide rank of full-time professional personnel and university students. The objectives include:
  • Define Culture Intelligence

  • Learn about importance of each culture for daily work and Life

    How to apply cultural intelligence in daily work and life

  • How to improve oneself’ culture intelligence