Cooling project has engaged not only CIAA’s Alumni Members but also local organizations. Various sponsors including IATSS Forum, Sambat Finance, Hattha Kaksekar Limited, Unliever Cambodia Co., Ltd, Cambodia Beverage Co., Ltd. (Coca Cola, Cambodia), FasTrackids Co., Ltd, NVC Cooperation (Vital Premium Water), Arakawa Co., Ltd. (Belleu Apartment Serviced Apartment), Angkor Thom Book Center (ATBC), Project Cooling Cambodia, Founder Ms TITH Theary (Jamie-san) and Co. Founder, Ms Sotheany LAY (Theany-san)   Cambodia, have heartedly supported this project through their finances, gifts and staff who actively involved in the project’s implementation. CIAA has engaged a number of volunteers from different organizations including Sambat Finance, Hattha Kaksekar Limited Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia and United Nations Development Program (UNDP). CIAA also has worked closely with school director, teachers and parents in ALFA School, Phnom Penh, which as a result has produced a successful outcome.